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We assist ship owners worldwide with a range of various services related to their vessels. Today it’s more than ever important to be upfront on risk related to credit and compliance. With various databases and a network of specialist’s within the area we can help you with an independent compliance and credit report! As an independent company in the market, we can provide you with objective information based on your needs.

Our team within technical services supply ship owners with various spare parts and supplies to their vessels. Contact us today to hear more!

  • We are specialized in providing an independent Bunker Broker service to our customers. We work as the exclusive broker for ship owners as well on spot basis. Our goal is to release ship owners from any concerns related to the bunker and lubricant purchase and guarantee efficient communication between all parties. We help you facilitate the best terms in regards to quality, delivery method, compliance, and credit. You are in safe hands with our team. We work transparently as your right hand in the daily and secure you with an efficient bunker procurement. Contact us today to discuss more with one from our team!

  • Our technical team can help you with other requests from your vessel not related to marine fuels and lubricants. Regularly our technical team members assist with a provision, technical spare parts, freshwater or other request related to your vessel. Contact us today and we will put you in contact with one of our technical team members!

  • Bunker and lubricant procurement can unfortunately sometimes end out in a disaster for the shipowners who have received bad quality from the local suppliers, damages on the vessels, delays or other concerns. We can help you with the claims management. Call us today and get advice for the port you are working in and our team members will start working on it!

  • It’s more than ever important to verify that all counterparties in the chain of your procurement and/or trade is compliant to all regulations. Stem Fuels has established collaboration with independent specialist’s on the area and can provide you with an objective compliance report for the counterparty you are considering to do business with. Our network of specialist’s is using a range of various databases and research methods on the counterparties to make sure all is within the regulations and standards. Contact us today to hear more!

  • With a network of partners in the shipping industry, we are able to offer our customers the facilitation of credit and risk management solutions. Give our team members a call today and let’s assist you in facilitating credit and/or a risk management solution!