We supply marine fuels and lubricants in most ports in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. Our strongholds are indicated on the map below. The grades which we are able to supply and the supply mode vary. Our team also deliver services in many other ports and regions than listed below, so feel safe to reach out and ask if we can assist in case your next bunker port.

Marine fuels in Mexico

Stem Fuels is supplying both MGO, IFO and a range of lubricant brands in Mexico.  Manzanillo is the largest port in the country, but also Lazaro Cardenas and Coatzacoalcos is popular bunker ports. Product is primarily sourced from the state-owned company Pemex, however, other products are available. Delivery is possible here both by truck, barge, ex-pipe and gas station. Bunker ports include; Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas, Coatzacoalcos, Dos Bocas, Ciudad del Carmen, Progreso, Veracruz, Tuxpan, Altamira, Tampico, Topolobampo, Mazatlan and Ensenada.

Marine lubricants in Mexico

Stem Fuels is distributor of marine lubricants in some of the Mexican ports. We strive to always have products available and to competitive prices. Contact our team today to discuss more.

E: mexico@stemfuels.com

Stem Fuels is especially strong in the Central American region where we hold our own partnerships making it possible to deliver in some of the most challenging ports here. For most of the ports in the Central American region, bunkering is only possible by truck. The products are typically sourced from the state-owned companies and luboil availability here is good. Stem Fuels has a range of different lubricants available which easily can be moved from port to port. For some deliveries in this region, you will also see that the deliveries will be performed on a Stem Fuels delivery note. In Panama, Stem Fuels representatives are ready to give you the best possible bunkers prices delivered by barge. In Panama, we supply both at Balboa and Cristobal -side and this under flexible terms to your vessel which only a few can deliver under. Using Stem Fuels as Bunker Broker in Panama would be your best choice.

Marine Lubricants in Central America

Stem Fuels are incorporated in the Central American region, with our subsidiary, Stem Fuels S.A working out of Balboa, Panama. We facilitate marine lubricant deliveries in Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala. 

Contact our team today to hear more.

E: panama@stemfuels.com

Stem Fuels is supplying both MGO, IFO and a range of major lubricants in the ports in Colombia. The market in Colombia can be challenging due to the many players entering the market and there can be a lack of transparency. Using Stem Fuels for the ports in Colombia you are guaranteed an efficient, safe and problem-free solution. We deliver bunkers in Cartagena, Barranquilla, and Buenaventura with both trucks and barges. Using Stem Fuels for the Colombian ports would be your best choice.

Marine lubricants in Colombia

Stem Fuels has physical marine lubricants available in Cartagena, Colombia. We are able tu supply in most ports in Colombia, both by truck and barge.

E: colombia@stemfuels.com

Stem Fuels is supplying both bunkers and lubricants in Ecuador. Both MGO, IFO and a range of major lubricants are available. The fuel products are sourced from the state-owned company and are distributed to the suppliers. By using Stem Fuels here, you will get transparency in the bunker choice and we will guide you to the most competitive and safe solution. Bunker ports are typical Guayaquil and La Libertad.

For many of our customers, Peru is the only choice for bunkers before the next bunker port. Callao port is growing, and we deliver here both by barge and trucks. Products available are MGO, IFO and a range of lubricants. The smaller ports in Peru we also supply by trucks.

Stem Fuels is assisting its customers in Chile both with IFO, MGO, and lubricants. Valparaiso is a popular bunker port, but we also supply in Punta Arenas and many of the smaller ports by truck. Especially for Chile is that the Antarctic gasoil is available, needed for this area.

Both IFO, MGO and lubricants are available in Argentina. Supply is done both by truck and barge and we can provide very competitive terms for the ports in Argentina through our network. Stem Fuels can provide safe and smooth bunkers supply in Argentina.

The market in Brazil can be very challenging, but we are able to offer our customers a safe and efficient bunker solution for most of the ports in Brazil. Bunker ports are Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande, Vitoria amongst others and supply is performed both by truck and barge. We are able to supply most fuel grades here and we have a range of lubricants and equivalents available here. To get a transparent and safe bunker supply in Brazil, then reach out to us today.

Stem Fuels is supplying both IFO and MGO in the ports of Uruguay. Deliveries are done both by barge and truck. Major lubricant products are usually available in the market or can become available within the shorter notice.

Call us today to hear more about bunkering in Montevideo and the other ports in Uruguay.

The availability of products can often be challenging at the islands and in the Caribbean. However, Stem Fuels has through its comprehensive network possibility to offer MGO supply at most islands including different lubricants and equivalents. We supply MGO at Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Curacao, Trinidad and Tobago among others. Let us tailor your next bunker solution in this area.

Marine Lubricants in the Caribbean

Stem Fuels has physical warehouse and lubricants at Jamaica and at Dominican Republic. We supply from here islands in the Caribbean and we have a good range of various marine lubricant grades available.

Contact our team today.

E: caribs@stemfuels.com

Stem Fuels has an office located in Valencia, Spain, from where we monitor all deliveries to our customers in the ports in Spain and Portugal. The product availability and range of products are good and efficient, and we are able to provide our customers with competitive pricing. We supply in all ports in Spain hereunder especially in Barcelona, Tarragona, Castellon, Sagunto, Valencia, Alicante, Cartagena, Malaga, Ceuta, Algeciras, Huelva, Seville, Vigo, and Santander. Deliveries are performed both by truck and barge.

Marine Lubricants in Spain

Stem Fuels have own physical warehouse in Valencia, Spain and at Las Palmas. We are official marine lubricant distributor, and supply most marine lubricant grades. 

We are able to supply lubricants in most ports in Spain.

Contact our team today to hear more.

E: spain@stemfuels.com

Only a small day trip from our office in Spain, we monitor the deliveries for Portugal. We deliver both MGO, IFO, and lubricants from here to our customers. Popular bunker ports are especially Lisbon and Setubal. Stem Fuels is able to provide very competitive pricing on both bunkers and lubricants in the ports in Portugal.

Stem Fuels are assisting many ship owners with lubricants and marine fuels in the ports in the Mediterranean. We assist in almost every port from Istanbul Roads in Turkey to Gibraltar and Ceuta in Spain. We are very competitive in most ports and can deliver promptly. Most grades are available. Call us today to discuss your next bunkering port in the Mediterranean!

Marine Fuels in Guyana

Stem Fuels help ship owners in Guyana and Georgetown with bunkering of both marine fuels and lubricants. Both trucks and barge are available in Georgetown.

Marine Lubricants in Guyana

From our own warehouse in Guyana we are distributing system, engine and cylinder lubricants to vessels calling the ports in Guyana or working offshore.

Stem Fuels is the sole distributor of the quality marine lubricants from North Sea Lubricants, Rexoil and other equivalents.

Reach out to our team for Guyana today to hear more about how we can assist you.

E: Guyana@stemfuels.com

P: +34 96 11 600 64

Marine Fuels in Suriname: 

Stem Fuels deliver marine fuels in Paramaribo which is the main bunker port in Suriname. We have both the latest IFO grades and MGO available. Deliveries can be arranged by both truck and barge.. 

Marine Lubricants in Suriname

Stem Fuels is the official and sole distributor of North Sea Marine Lubricants, Rexoil and other lubricants in Suriname. We arrange deliveries from own warehouse and we have most grades available within system, cylinder and engine available.

Contact our local team for Suriname to hear more about our solutions.

E: Suriname@stemfuels.com

P: +34 96 11 600 64

Marine Fuels at Jamaica

Stem Fuels deliver marine fuels at Kingston and at Kingston anchorage together with our local partners. 

Deliveries can be arranged by both truck and barge. 

Marine Lubricants at Jamaica

Stem Fuels is having various lubricants available at Jamaica.

Together with our local operators we strive to always having marine lubricants available at Jamaica. Available is lubricants for engine, cylinder, hydraulic, compressor and various greases.

Contact our local team for Jamaica to hear more about our solutions:

E: Jamaica@stemfuels.com

P: +34 96 11 600 64

Stem Fuels deliver most fuel grades and have a strong program of major lubricants at Trinidad & Tobago. Both deliveries by barge and truck are possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your next bunkering at Trinidad & Tobago!

Our team is ready to supply you in many other ports worldwide. If you are interested in the same good bunkering services for other ports then contact one from our team today! Our goal is to keep any concerns related to the bunkering as far away from you as possible and to guarantee you a safe and smooth supply. We work around the clock, so you can expect a fast response from all our team members no matter your region.

Contact our team today to hear more.

E: stemfuels@stemfuels.com

Give us a call today and let us provide a solution to your vessel.

Spain:     +34 96 11 600 64